About the Online Hearing Test

In this hearing test, we will test your speech understanding in noise because this is one of the most common challenges for people with hearing difficulties.

As you start the test you will hear a combination of three words and three numbers which are spoken in different environments with background noise present. You hearing will be checked in “café noise” and “white noise” and the noise level will change depending on your answers. Your result will be based on your average answers in each section and you will not get a precise result, but just an indication.

The test can be taken using headphones or your computer speakers, and you might want to take it more than once as you get used to the speed of the response time, just to ensure accurate results.

What to Do with Online Hearing Test Results

The results of your online assessment will either indicate that you unlikely have a hearing problem, you might have a hearing problem, or you are likely to have a hearing problem. If you fall in either of the latter groups, the next step is to schedule an appointment with a Beltone hearing specialist.

Beltone Wants to Make It Simple, Every Step of the Way

We are committed to giving you the highest level of service at every level. Trust us to be your complete hearing advocates, starting with our simple online hearing test.